Tomahawks with Steel Hardness of HRC 60-64

Product NameTool TypeLengthWeightPriceSteel Type
Cold Steel Knives Pole AxeCold Steel Knives Pole AxeBattle Axe73.125 in.7.00 lbs.$80.881055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Viking AxeCold Steel Viking AxeBattle Axe52 in.4.63 lbs.$97.891055 Carbon Steel
Browning 231W Camp AxeBrowning 231W Camp AxeAxe24 in.2.44 lbs.$44.951055 Carbon Steel
Browning 231 Outdoorsman AxeBrowning 231 Outdoorsman AxeCamp Axe24 in.2.44 lbs.$52.371055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Trail Boss 90TACold Steel Trail Boss 90TATomahawk23 in.2.06 lbs.$25.941055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Spike Hawk Frontier HawkCold Steel Spike Hawk Frontier HawkTomahawk22 in.1.50 lbs.$26.51055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Rifleman's HawkCold Steel Rifleman's HawkTomahawk22 in.2.25 lbs.$24.991055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Knives Norse HawkCold Steel Knives Norse HawkTomahawk22 in.1.56 lbs.$23.951055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Frontier Hawk 90FHCold Steel Frontier Hawk 90FHTomahawk22 in.1.44 lbs.$31.031055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Pipe Hawk Frontier HawkCold Steel Pipe Hawk Frontier HawkTomahawk22 in.1.63 lbs.$35.891055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Trail Hawk 90THCold Steel Trail Hawk 90THTomahawk21 in.1.50 lbs.$22.081055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel 90AXG Axe Gang HatchetCold Steel 90AXG Axe Gang HatchetTomahawk20.25 in.2.25 lbs.$22.081055 Carbon Steel
SOG F17N-CP Bad Axe Backcountry KnifSOG F17N-CP Bad Axe Backcountry KnifAxe16 in.1.81 lbs.$56.171055 Carbon Steel
Cold Steel Vietnam Tomahawk 90VTCold Steel Vietnam Tomahawk 90VTTomahawk13.5 in.1.25 lbs.$29.891055 Carbon Steel
Browning Black Label Shock N' Awe TomahawkBrowning Black Label Shock N' Awe TomahawkTomahawk10.5 in.1.50 lbs.$78.771055 Carbon Steel