Tomahawk and Hand Axe Companies

In 1966 in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, Peter LaGana founded American Tomahawk. His first tactical axe, the Vietnam Tomahawk, became legendary after it was distributed to and used by 4,000 U.S. Army and Marine Corps personnel during the Vietnam war.

The unique axe head and its amazing balance made it easy to throw accurately with little experience. The original wooden handle was superb, but has now been upgraded to a more durable synthetic handle, light, yet tough. The current incarnation of this axe is known as the LaGana Tactical Tomahawk or VTAC. U.S. troops have used this axe since its inception.

Peter Lagana was of Iroquois descent. Although he was both a mail carrier and gunsmith, LaGana was deeply involved in the art of the use of silent weapons, such as swords, knives, and tomahawks. He taught the art of hand-to-hand combat for 23 years. One of LaGana's students was an Army sergeant. It was this association and LaGana's teachings (and tomahawk) that led to a meeting with Pentagon officials, and, ultimately, the use of LaGana's tomahawk by the military.

After the war, production of the Vietnam Tomahawk ended and LaGana closed up shop. It wasn't until 2000 that Andy Prisco and a business partner contacted LaGana about restarting the company. LaGana agreed and production began again. Sadly, LaGana has since passed on. Andy Prisco, a professional knife and tomahawk thrower, now owns American Tomahawk.

In addition to continuing to supply the armed forces, American Tomahawk also supplies law enforcement agencies and private citizens. Today, American Tomahawk has two additional offerings. One is the CQC-T, described as a personal combat tool. Like the VTAC, the CQC-T is light and easy to wield. The second is the Sibert Comanche, a tomahawk with intensely aggressive design and updated for modern tactical needs.

As far as the average consumer is concerned, American Tomahawk Company still has something to offer them. They have a whole line of specialty tomahawks, each designed to do specific jobs around your home and property. The handles of the consumer products generally come in American Hickory, making them sturdy, with enough weight to them to make them easy to handle and swing, yet elegant in appearance at the same time. The blades on the tomahawks are all made with drop forged 1055 carbon steel.

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Armory Replicas is a small, niche company that was founded in October of 2005 in Georgia. They offer replicas of a variety of weapons from various cultures across numerous historical periods. Although they create daggers, rapiers, and other products related with weaponry, their specialty is in creating realistic medieval armory, swords, and their related products and accessories. Collectors from around the world visit their site daily due to their innate accuracy at duplicating some of histories finest weapons. Avid consumers of these types of specialty items will appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to historical detail each of their pieces possesses.

Armory Replicas also has an extensive collection of fantasy themed blades for niche collectors. Dragons, skulls, zombie apocalypse gear, and other fantasy themes are interwoven into beautifully artistic designs. These knives, axes, and daggers are fully functional pieces, capable of doing what they were originally crafted to do. Yet their beauty lends more to them being displayed on your wall or mantle as opposed to using them to hack anything to pieces.

The company has a lot more to offer than mere historical replicas and fantasy pieces for collectors. For the average consumer who is seeking a well-crafted blade or a piece of survival equipment, they manufacture and sell modern day self defense products. Pepper spray and specialized key chains, suitable for both men and women, from novice to expert, are but a few of the offerings. They also have a large selection of camping and hunting equipment for individuals to utilize. Knives with fire starter kits so that you need never worry about being in the dark, hiking canes for treacherous trails, paracord bracelets, key chains, and belts, and small axes that are deemed essential when in the outdoors are but a few of the items they have available.

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Atlas Knife Company is small business dedicated to making quality blades by hand. Over the years, the company has improved their forging techniques and the result has been custom made knifes with all the attention to detail you could possibly want. The knives themselves are simple in design, yet the quality is superb over that which you could find from a bigger manufacturer. Made with stainless steel, a knife from Atlas is utilitarian, simple, and beautiful at the same time.

A consumer can find Atlas blades in over 100 shops in the continental United States. The price is indicative of a custom, handmade knife. Some of the blades have etched designs on them, the handles mostly made with hard woods, polished to a brilliant shine. You can use these blades every day, never chipping the edge nor marring the surface. As with any stainless steel blade, some care is needed to keep them in a new condition but it is minimal, and although some of the blades are exquisite to look at, they are all made to be used. They are made to cut and chop and should definitely be put to work with some regularity.

Atlas Company does not only sell knives. They also have forges, burners, and etchers for those who are starting to become artisan knife makers themselves. Their forges include adjustable sliding tool rests, regulator hoses, and steel burners. All important accessories when starting the business. To make beautiful, eye catching etches on the surface of your newly minted blades, their etchers are all you need. They are push button activated for rapid pulse etching. You can also use them with 3rd party stamp pads if you so desire. These etchers and forges may be purchased from a variety of on line sources.

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Benchmade is an Oregon company originally founded in California in1979. The company produces a variety of products, catering to exclusive niches in the cutlery world. All of their manufactured products have a definite leaning towards weaponry. They have an abundance of sporting blades, rescue pieces, law enforcement weapons, martial arts designs, and military grade blades. Throughout the years, Benchmade has pulled their artistic resources together with those of custom-made knife makers to bring the public some of the most unique and beautiful designs ever seen by blade connoisseurs. This has allowed the company to become an influential party among their industry peers.

The company is best known for manufacturing ‘Bali-Song’ knives. These knives, also known as butterfly blades, have become such an integral part of the company that they have trademarked ‘Bali-Song’ and incorporated it into their company’s logo. Enthusiasts for these types of blades appreciate the artistic attention to detail that Benchmade places into each of their trademark blades. The original design of the first Bali Song blade manufactured 1979, Jody Samson, won the Knife of the Year Award from the respected publication Blade Magazine.

The products produced by Benchmade are in the higher bracket of the knife market, due to their exquisite designs and the use of the finest materials. A good portion of their services and products are geared specifically to law enforcement agencies and military personal. These particular items are restricted and not available to the general public. Yet the average consumer that is interested in high-end cutlery still has a wide range of options available to them. Benchmade produces a beautifully diverse selection of switchblades any person can purchase, most with their patent locking mechanism in the design. They also have an extensive catalogue of outdoors utility knives for hunting, fishing, and general outdoors activities.

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Browning has long been known for quality firearms, but now with Browning Black Label they are also offering quality tactical gear. The Browning Black Label brand includes an expanding line of edged tools and weapons, clothing, range accessories, gun safes, and gear bags. Browning Black Label is designed to be serious, tactical gear for those who accept no compromise.

Black Label tactical blades are designed by custom knife maker Russ Kommer. Russ designed almost the entire line of Browning hunting knives. These tactical knives are recommended by Jared Wihongi, famed edged-weapon instructor. Jared has multiple black belts in martial arts disciplines.

These advanced knives are high quality and highly functional. Every curve, angle, edge, and detail is intentional and designed for a purpose. Each Black Label knife is based on a classic blade that has been proven through centuries of use on battlefields. Black Label blades are intended to be versatile. Blades are honed to the sharpness of a razor's edge, but durable enough for the more demanding tasks that a tactical edged tool might also be needed to perform.

These weapons are also designed with versatility in mind. A four-way, adjustable pocket clip on folding knife models allow the user to carry the knife the way that works best for them. Their Blade-Tech polymer sheath that can be adjusted to accommodate various carry angles. Many Black Label models also feature a glass breaking point made of hardened steel on the butt end to facilitate emergency vehicle entries or extractions.

For those who require the ultimate in edged blade capability, Black Label offers the Shock N' Awe Tomahawk. This tactical tomahawk is designed to handle anything from splitting kindling at a backcountry camp to managing an emergency extraction from a downed aircraft. This tomahawk also features Black Label's Blade-Tech, adjustable angle, polymer carrying sheath.

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Founded in 1988, the BudK Worldwide Company is a corporation located on ten acres of land in the neighborhood of Moultrie, Georgia, that specializes in bladed and tactical and collectible tools: knives, axes, swords, and tomahawks and more, both for display, recreations, and real-word use.

The original founder and current Chief Executive Officer is Clint H. Kadel. Kadel was nineteen years old when he sold his first knife out of a relative's garage in Georgia. The continued growth of BudK comes from a direct result of his constant expansion of the tactical products available from the company.

BudK presents a wide variety of knives, swords, martial arts, hunting and shooting, stun guns, b;low guns, and survival gear, including tactical tomahawks. Compared to a camp or hand axe, a tactical tomahawk provides more versatility as a tool and weapon, being lighter and more aggressively designed, as well as often being used for throwing.

Every BudK product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any item ordered from BudK can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a refund or exchange.

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China Made is a manufacture of hundreds of products for the average consumer. Their specialty are those products that you would want to keep sharpened at all times. Their blades, knives, and daggers come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Everything from bone, thermoplastics, synthetic materials, and stainless steels are used to create the handles on their various blades. The blades themselves are mostly made from stainless steel, and ideal choice since the material is corrosive resistant. They also offer specialized weaponry with forged carbon steel, a heavier, sturdier variety of steel popular with outdoors men.

They have a large selection of utility tools such as a four function, multi tool for campers. These useful devices are small enough to take with you everywhere, so there is never an excuse to be without a fork, spoon, nor knife. They have a number of scissors that look great and do the job well, holding that keen edge you want to get the cutting done right the first time around. To ensure you do keep a keen edge on all your blades, they offer a variety of products that shall help you sharpen and maintain all of your blades with minimal effort.

China Made does not only make knives that are utilitarian in nature. They have a wide variety of designer blades suitable for displaying in the home. These designs range from illustrated stainless steel daggers with accompanying stands, commemorating brave firemen and their life saving tools to whimsical yet deadly tomahawks with colorful artwork, leather trims and suede wraps for the handles. The products are all serviceable, yet they are most definitely showpieces that will inspire conversation whenever looked upon. Their collection of novelty items, such as artistic sword hangers and ninja key rings, is also fantastic.
The history of the California-based company Cold Steel dates back to 1980. Now known as Cold Steel, Incorporated, the company made a name for itself by focusing on the newest innovations in the field. It was one of the first companies that used tanto point blades in its production line, and those blades are now an industry standard. Cold Steel also introduced customers to Kraton handles, which fit better and more comfortably in the hand. These innovations and others helped the company grow from a small American company to one that sells products around the world.

Cold Steel has its headquarters in Venture, California, and while it has a showroom that is open to the public, it also sells its products through authorized dealers and retailers. Lynn C. Thompson, who founded the company, now serves as its President, while Ron Balicki and Robert Vaughn hold key roles in the corporation. Many people know the company because it is one of the few weapons manufacturers that still create products in the United States. Customers can also find products made in Japan, China, South Africa and Taiwan.

Products from Cold Steel include folding knives, walking sticks, blowguns, swords, knives, tomahawks and machetes. The tanto, which is a knife that slips inside an included sheath, existed long before the company began making the knives, but many believe that if it weren't for Cold Steel, American shoppers couldn't find those products today. Cold Steel is also responsible for a large number of martial arts products sold in the United States.

Cold Steel also has a special projects division that sells weaponry and products unrelated to its main line, and it runs the American Tomahawk Company, which creates many of the tomahawks sold in the country. Military personnel use some of the knives and weaponry created by the company, and those at home can purchase the same products.

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Colt is one of the premier companies in the United States. They began manufacturing firearms in 1836 under the direction of their legendary founder, Samuel Colt. The Colt Peacemaker revolver is one of the most famous products in weapon history and is referred to as the gun that settled the West. All throughout the 19th, 20th and now the 21st century, Colt have continued manufacturing many fine weapons, including being the primary manufacturers of the AR15 and M16 machine guns.

Although the company got its start in firearms, Colt now makes many other types of weapons as well. One of the biggest areas they have expanded into is the manufacturing of quality knives and other bladed tools like tactical tomahawks and hand axes.

Colt knives come in all styles, but the company’s main focus is on knives, tomahawls and axes for outdoor enthusiasts. These Colt hunting, fishing and camping tools made with quality construction techniques and durable materials, designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the outdoor lifestyle. Colt's tactical tomahawks are made from carbon steel to stand up to the rigors of repeated throws and use, and their hand axes are perfect for clearing brush, chopping wood and other outdoor tasks.

Colt uses 440A stainless steel, a high-quality steel that will hold a fine edge and is very durable. Colt has taken their reputation for quality in gun production and expanded successfully into quality knife, tactical tomahawk, and hand axe production.
Condor Tool and Knife Company is the recent incarnation of a blade manufacturing tradition that dates back to the late 18th century. Manufacturing tactical knives, domestic cutlery, swords, axes, and shovels, the company is well-known among knife collectors, survival enthusiasts and outdoor re-creationists. Its line of machetes rates well among the various forums for campers and survivalists; even critical reviews acknowledge their durability and solidness.

All Condor blades are made from high-carbon steel and heat treated for optimal ratios of hardness to flexibility. Subsequently, their pliancy and strength are tested by rigorous and down-to-earth simulations.

Condor's genesis was in 1787, when the Gebr. Weyesberg Company was founded in Germany. Successfully producing quality knives, tools and cutlery for the European continent, this enterprise expanded to meet a growing demand in other parts of the world.

Opening a factory in Santa Ana, El Salvador in 1964, the Weyesberger operation trained South American workers in the principles and practices of its craftsmanship. The new operation was called Imacasa and was sold in the 1980s to local investors, who sought to market these quality blades to North America and—coming full circle—back to Europe. Imacasa realized that goal in 2004 with the launching of Condor Tool and Knife Company.

Its products featured in publications like Tactical Knives, Knife World and Blade Magazine, Condor Tool and Knife fields a sales force that reports to its headquarters in Orlando, Florida. From this location, the National Sales Manager leads the effort to market the company's blades to retailers across the U.S. and Canada. Overseeing the parent company from its Santa Ana hub is General Director of Imacasa, Alejandro Catani.

Product designers include Joe Flowers and the late Arlan Lothe, both avid outdoors-men whose designs are well-respected in the industry.
For over ninety years, the Estwing company has been one of the most trusted names in American-made striking tools. Founded in 1923 by Ernest Estwing, the Estwing family has expanded their humble family business based out of Rockford, Illinois, into a household name. Their high quality products are available at affordable prices in major hardware retailers across the world.

Estwing's hammers are forged as one solid tool, rather than having the head and handle as separate components, with a longer handle for maximum striking power. Estwing also offers a Shock Reduction Grip for their hammers, first introduced in 2001, to ensure optimal comfort for the user. Estwing hammers are available to suit every task, including woodworking, bricklaying, and shingling.

Estwing axes remain a staple among outdoors-men and farmers and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including double bit models. Estwing's axes are lightweight and easy to use, making them essential for any camping trip. Estwing also offers a line of tomahawks forged from 100% genuine American steel for sportsman and military use, as well as hatchets for household construction projects. Additionally, Estwing has split wedges and axe sheaths available, for efficient and safe axe use.

Estwing also crafts tools for geological tasks. Geologists, archaeologists, and engineers can rest assured that Estwing's picks, chisels, and specialty hammers are created with the same standard and amount of care that their other products are, and offer the same amount of convenience and customer satisfaction, being comfortable to use and easy to travel with.

Whether a customer is looking for tools for their hobby or their trade, Estwing offers the finest in durable and comfortable craftsman quality tools, as well as a warranty against wear from normal use for all their products.

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Gerber Legendary Blades, Inc. has been in business since 1939. The Oregon based company specializes in making durable and affordable knives along with an extensive collection of multitools for the average consumer. Gerber is the first knife production company to employee a custom made knife artisan to design some of their most popular and enduring products. Over the years, they have become one of the leading companies offering multitool products to the average consumer.

Gerber knives come in varying models and designs, and anyone can find the tool they need for every occasion. The company takes customer satisfaction seriously, receiving feedback from soldiers, marines, and airmen when redesigning popular items. The boot knife, called Gerber Guardian, was created over two decades ago, and is still one of the most popular designs that they sell. They have knives made specifically for outdoors survival, designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions you could possibly place it through, and a line of fighting knives that are internationally recognized as the best among tactical, hand to hand, weaponry. Their designs include ergonomic handles made from thermoplastic and single blade, lock back knives.

Of course, the cornerstone of the Gerber company is their line of multitools. These tools are revered as the best ever produced, and have been designed to take the daily abuse of a hard working man. The multitools are made with the newest technology and finest materials available. They are lightweight, so that it is not a burden to carry them on your person for extended periods of time. They are nearly indestructible, chopping, cutting, and doing exactly what you need them to accomplish each time you unfold one of them open. The industrial line multitools were made with the average consumer in mind, highly functional and made to last a lifetime.

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For nearly 125 years, the Ontario Knife Company has supplied knives to both civilians and military personnel.

Established in 1889 by three men - William B. Ensworth, Charles Albert Brace and William Maudsley - the company started out by selling knives from a pushcart throughout Naples, New York. A few years later, Ontario needed more space for its operations and moved into an old sawmill in the small town of Cadiz. In 1902, the company settled in nearby Franklinville, New York, where it remains to this day. In 1923, Ontario began the Old Hickory line of culinary knives, which remains popular to this day.

The Ontario Knife Company also has a long history of supporting the United States Armed Forces. It has provided knives and other tools for service members since World War I. In fact, Ontario is currently the sole producer of bayonets for the United States Marines Corps.

Ontario offers a variety of knives for both outdoor and indoor use. Hunting and fishing enthusiasts can choose from the Cayuga, Keuka, Seneca and Ranger Falcon knives. For preparing a catch for a meal, Ontario has the 417SKPK Filet Knife. Soldiers, military pilots and Marines will be interested in combat knives such as the Freedom Fighter, the Spec Plus Folder, the XM Strike Fighter and the Ranger series.

Outdoorsmen will also find handy tactical tomahawks like the RD Hawk, hand axes and tactical bladed tools like the Xtreme Rescue Folder.

For indoors, customers can choose from several different types of cutlery. The Old Hickory line features slicing, paring and boning knives, butcher knives, even ice picks. Also available from The Ontario Knife Company is the Robeson knife set and the King Cutlery set.
Smith and Wesson is well known for its reputation as a leading innovator in firearms. Founded in 1852, the company had created the world's first repeating pistol with the invention of lever action and able to use their design of a fully self-contained cartridge. They then invented the rim-fire cartridge, bringing about another world first; a revolver that could fire this self-contained cartridge. To maintain their position of firearms superiority, they continued to lead the way in innovative technology in the firearms industry.

Smith and Wesson also designed the Model 3 American; the world's first large caliber revolver. These were subsequently sold to the United States Cavalry and to Russian government in the 1870s. Later, the company created hammerless revolvers which can still be found in their line today. Many military and police personnel have carried the Smith and Wesson .38, also known as the Model 10. They went on to introduce the .357 Magnum, the Model 39, the .44 and the Model 60.

In addition to firearms, Smith and Wesson created a line of tactical weapons, including tomahawks, knives, and axes. These are designed with the same precision and quality that they have put into their firearms.

The line of knives they created was designed by John Wilson, Roy G. Jinks, and Blackie Collins. Smith and Wesson has developed over 250 tactical knives, throwing knives, tomahawks, and hatchets, with the manufacturing done by Taylor Cutlery. These tactical tools are designed for a range of users, including hunting and outdoor enthusiasts, police agencies, and fire departments. Smith and Wesson knives, tomahawks and other bladed tools have one of the best warranties in the industry; warranted for the life of the buyer against defects.

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SOG Specialty Knives, Incorporated, commonly known as SOG, is a United Staes knife and tool manufacturing company famous for their reproduction SOG Knife from the Vietnam era. SOG currently manufactures a variety of knives, multi-tools, and tactical tomahawks and more. The company was founded in 1986 by Spencer and Gloria Frazer, with its name inspired by the Joint Services Special Operations unit known as the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) who developed their own knife during the War in Vietnam.

SOG Specialty Knives manufactures a variety of tools for military personnel and consumers. SOG also makes additional military style knives, including a tactical switchblade which is only available to military/law enforcement. SOG has developed fixed blade knives and tactical tomahawks for survival and outdoors. SOG also manufactures multi-tools including the Paratool, PowerLock, and PowerAssist.

Many of SOG's folding knives and multi-tools are made or assembled in the USA, with the higher priced folders and fixed blades being made in Seki, Japan. Some of SOG's lesser priced tools, such as the Fusion line are manufactured in Taiwan or China.

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United Cutlery is one of the oldest continually operating knife and sword companies in the world. Founded in the 1990s, its founders opened the company in the hopes of giving everyday people the chance to own the same exciting weapons seen on film and television. The company now makes hundreds of different products, including functional swords and fantasy knives. Customers can find hunting knives, throwing knives, movie replicas, military knives, utility knives and dozens of other products.

United Cutlery has several partnerships established that let it create authentic replicas from hit films. It has the rights to "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," "The Expendables" and "The Expendables 2."

United Cutlery also makes a number of fantasy pieces that look great on display. The company has four designs on staff, and these designers work closely with the men and women responsible for making the pieces seen on screen.

Many people know United Cutlery for its film replicas, but the company also makes knives and other weapons used by the military, fishermen and outdoors-men every day. Its product line includes tools designed for hunting and fishing.

United Cutlery's wide range of products appeal to those who love fantasy novels, action films and the great outdoors. Each piece uses strong and durable metal that ensures United Cutlery pieces will last for years, making many customers buy products again and again for display and personal use.

Unlike other companies that offer products for sale directly to consumers, United Cutlery wholesales its products to dealers. Shopping through authorized dealers lets customers know that their purchases come directly from the company.

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Whetstone Cutlery sells knives, swords, tomahawks, medieval replicas and paintball guns. The company takes its name from the whetstone--a blade sharpening tool usually made from stone. True to the company name, they sell whetstone sharpeners. Also available are other types of sharpeners and honing oils as well as blade cleaning kits.

The medieval items sold by Whetstone Cutlery are intended for reenactments. The Samurai swords have features like sheaths and decorative carvings and etchings. They work as display purposes as well. They also have a good selection of throwing knives.

The company sells paintball guns and kits. The Sypder MEGA package is especially comprehensive, containing a variety of accessories.

All items are affordably priced and customer service is easy to reach. The company's web site has a convenient pop up window that allows you to quickly and easily search for items and discounts.

The company's products are practical as well as decorative and fun. Every kitchen needs a good knife set, whereas other items such as paintball guns are recreational, and items like their tactical tomahawks are suitable for campers, hunters and other outdoorsmen.