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Blade Type Information: 4140 Stainless Steel

4140 is a type of steel grade used by the Society of Automotive Engineers. It is sometimes called chromoly steel due to the fact that the alloys used in making the metal include molybdenum and chromium. The steel has exceptional strength to it when compared to its overall weight. It is considered superior to its standard cousin, 1020 steel, for it is by far stronger, tougher, and harder. The addition of the alloys in the right proportions also makes the steel extraordinarily resistant fatigue stress fractures.

As one would assume, this steel is extremely popular in the automotive world. The ability of manufacturers to manipulate the outer metal while keeping the bulk of it stable, makes it ideal to form such pieces as gears for cars and planes, heavy duty crankshafts, fast moving pistons, and durable bike frames on your everyday bike. The metal is also used in many automotive axels, during the construction of important aerospace products, and for making high end firearms used by military and civilians alike. You can find this type of metal everywhere; transporting pressurized gas through pipes across cities, saving numerous lives as a roll cage in a wide range cars, structural tubing for high end motorcycles and architecture, and even in military firearms receivers.

All of these great properties come with their own drawbacks. Since 4140 steel is so hard and tough, it is also extremely difficult to weld it properly. A person would need to perform several steps before the initial weld and after the completion of the weld in order to avoid cracking the metal. The chromium in this steel has also been reduced in order to strengthen some of the other properties. Unfortunately, this makes 1440 stainless steel a bit more prone to corrosion when exposed to extreme climates.

Handle Material Information: Thermal Molded Rubber

What it is

Basically thermal molded rubber is rubber that has been heated in order to mold it to the desired. There are many different methods of doing this and each company that makes it might do so in a different fashion from the rest. The result along with the basic process is the same in any case.


While there are a great any applications for thermal molded rubber today we will only discuss a few.

Thermal molded rubber is a great thing to have on an axe handle. It will give you a sure grip while at the same time it will absorb a lot of the energy from impact meaning you can chop down a tree without your teeth being jarred out of your skull by the force of the axe hitting the t ree. The grip is great because just like tires, if the rubber is in contact with water (think sweaty hands) then it will still provide a sort of umm…traction if you will.

Another application for this type of rubber is on knife handle. Some people like knives with this type of handle for the grip and some like it for the look. Either way the point is that people like handles covered in this type of material…if they didn’t then manufacturers would stop making them with it.

More information

If you would like to get more information on this subject or any subject related to knives, axes and tomahawks then you are advised to direct your browser to the home page of the Tomahawk Database web site. This site is user friendly and has any sort of information that you may be seeking about these types of weapons and tools. The information is also put forth in such a way that it is both informative and engaging.

Rockwell Hardness: HRC 56-60

The Armory Replicas KX066G has a Rockwell Hardness of HRC 56-60

Stanley P. Rockwell inevnted the Rockwell Hardness Test in 1919 while working as a metallurgist in ball bearing plant. Rockwell wanted to measure the uniformity and hardness of inner and outer rings on which the ball bearings rolled. He designed a device that could measure hardness accurately and quickly.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standardized a set of scales for testing Rockwell hardness values. Each scale has been designated a letter and corresponds to a different group of materials. Scale C is used for steel, titanium, deep case hardened steel, hard cast irons and other materials harder than scale B 100.

Knife blades and other steel hardened tools are made from metals that match to the Rockwell C scale. Most blade makers display the hardness number as "HRC xx" or "HRC xx - xx" providing a range, where "xx" indicates a Rockwell hardness number. Not many blades measure over HRC 70. Most functional blades rate somewhere between HRC 56 and HRC 63.

Generally, blades with a lower HRC number don't hold and edge for long under demanding use, but they are easier to sharpen. Blades with a higher HRC value stay sharp for longer, but are more difficult to sharpen. As an example, stainless steel has a HRC higher than carbon steel, but it is also more difficult to sharpen than carbon steel.

Company Information: Armory Replicas

Armory Replicas is a small, niche company that was founded in October of 2005 in Georgia. They offer replicas of a variety of weapons from various cultures across numerous historical periods. Although they create daggers, rapiers, and other products related with weaponry, their specialty is in creating realistic medieval armory, swords, and their related products and accessories. Collectors from around the world visit their site daily due to their innate accuracy at duplicating some of histories finest weapons. Avid consumers of these types of specialty items will appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to historical detail each of their pieces possesses.

Armory Replicas also has an extensive collection of fantasy themed blades for niche collectors. Dragons, skulls, zombie apocalypse gear, and other fantasy themes are interwoven into beautifully artistic designs. These knives, axes, and daggers are fully functional pieces, capable of doing what they were originally crafted to do. Yet their beauty lends more to them being displayed on your wall or mantle as opposed to using them to hack anything to pieces.

The company has a lot more to offer than mere historical replicas and fantasy pieces for collectors. For the average consumer who is seeking a well-crafted blade or a piece of survival equipment, they manufacture and sell modern day self defense products. Pepper spray and specialized key chains, suitable for both men and women, from novice to expert, are but a few of the offerings. They also have a large selection of camping and hunting equipment for individuals to utilize. Knives with fire starter kits so that you need never worry about being in the dark, hiking canes for treacherous trails, paracord bracelets, key chains, and belts, and small axes that are deemed essential when in the outdoors are but a few of the items they have available.

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