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Blade Type Information: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel was first introduced to the general population in the early part of the 20th century. Sold under various names until well into the 20s, stainless steel became a big seller in the US. The steel itself is made so that it does not corrode easily and it will not rust nor stain when immersed in water. There are a multitude of grades and finishes in stainless steel, each a direct answer to varying applications and environmental needs. The biggest difference between stainless steel and carbon steel is the presence of chromium. This one agent is the difference between a metal that easily rusts when exposed to the elements and the stainless steel finish we have come to expect from the products.

With over 150 grades of stainless steel to choose from, the metal is used in a variety of everyday products. Modern day cookware, cutlery and utility blades, household items such as mixing bowls, precise surgical instruments, household appliances in every size, in automobiles, and even architecture are some of the things you will find that use the metal.

Stainless steel is popular for a very good reason. Apart from the fact that it does not stain nor rust, the metal is durable and easy to apply to any project. The consumer is also able to recycle 100% of the metal. When using stainless steel, one needs to pay close attention at the grade of the product and keep in mind the usage. Not all stainless steel metals are made alike. In the 200 series, the manufacturers decrease the nickel content while increasing the manganese content, making the metal a bit more corrosive. The 300 series, which happens to be the most widely used by consumers, is manufactured in such a way as to increase the level of corrosion resistance.

Handle Material Information: Wrapped Paracord Handle

When you are looking for hand tools, finding ones that have good grips and are comfortable to hold is important. For things like that you might want to check some out that have wrapped Para cord handles.

Wrapped para cord is essentially the same type of material that is used in parachutes that is twisted into a sort of twine. It will give the user a firm grip without being too heavy. The down side to wrapped para cord is that it is difficult to keep it clean.


A good tool to get with a wrapped para cord handle is an axe. Because of the grip the para cord has you can be sure that the axe will not fly out of even the sweatiest hands unless it is done so purposely. Also worth mentioning is the fact that because of the way that the para cord is wrapped you get quite a bit of insulation from the energy that is the result of the axe blade hitting something. This will keep your hands from getting all bruised up.


While it is rare to find a tomahawk wrapped with para cord it is possible. The rareness alone makes this a worthy purchase simply for collectible reasons.


Knives are pretty cool looking when their handles are wrapped in para cord simply because of the color options that are available. You will get just as strong of a grip with this type of handle on a knife that you would on an axe and that makes it great for when you are out in the boat fishing and cutting up squid for bait. You can accomplish this without the knife slipping and cutting your fingers off.

This and more information about these three tools can be found at Tomahawk Database. There is a wealth of knowledge just waiting for you there.

Rockwell Hardness: n/a

The BudK BK2320 Tomahawk has a Rockwell Hardness of n/a

Stanley P. Rockwell inevnted the Rockwell Hardness Test in 1919 while working as a metallurgist in ball bearing plant. Rockwell wanted to measure the uniformity and hardness of inner and outer rings on which the ball bearings rolled. He designed a device that could measure hardness accurately and quickly.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standardized a set of scales for testing Rockwell hardness values. Each scale has been designated a letter and corresponds to a different group of materials. Scale C is used for steel, titanium, deep case hardened steel, hard cast irons and other materials harder than scale B 100.

Knife blades and other steel hardened tools are made from metals that match to the Rockwell C scale. Most blade makers display the hardness number as "HRC xx" or "HRC xx - xx" providing a range, where "xx" indicates a Rockwell hardness number. Not many blades measure over HRC 70. Most functional blades rate somewhere between HRC 56 and HRC 63.

Generally, blades with a lower HRC number don't hold and edge for long under demanding use, but they are easier to sharpen. Blades with a higher HRC value stay sharp for longer, but are more difficult to sharpen. As an example, stainless steel has a HRC higher than carbon steel, but it is also more difficult to sharpen than carbon steel.

Company Information: BudK

Founded in 1988, the BudK Worldwide Company is a corporation located on ten acres of land in the neighborhood of Moultrie, Georgia, that specializes in bladed and tactical and collectible tools: knives, axes, swords, and tomahawks and more, both for display, recreations, and real-word use.

The original founder and current Chief Executive Officer is Clint H. Kadel. Kadel was nineteen years old when he sold his first knife out of a relative's garage in Georgia. The continued growth of BudK comes from a direct result of his constant expansion of the tactical products available from the company.

BudK presents a wide variety of knives, swords, martial arts, hunting and shooting, stun guns, b;low guns, and survival gear, including tactical tomahawks. Compared to a camp or hand axe, a tactical tomahawk provides more versatility as a tool and weapon, being lighter and more aggressively designed, as well as often being used for throwing.

Every BudK product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any item ordered from BudK can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a refund or exchange.

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