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Blade Type Information: Forged Steel

Steel that is treated before being made into an object is called forged steel. This process hardens the steel, making it stronger after it is made. The process of forging steel has been used for hundreds of years by blacksmiths, the most renowned coming from early China and Persia. In our modern world, specialized machines create most of the forged steel available to the average consumer. Hand forged steel is still available if one is willing to pay the prize for a handmade item.

There are two different techniques used when forging steel. Depending on the ultimate usage of the metal, steel may be hot or cold forged. The most popular technique is hot forging the metal. This is done by heating the metal to an extraordinary temperature. The heated metal is then casted into shapes, such as blades, and the metal is more durable under stress. One must consider the scale formation when hot forging. A possible disadvantage on hot forging is that the metal is less durable in precise locations. There is also the possibility of the metal warping into an undesired shape when cooling.

Cold forging is not really cold as we have come to define the term. The forging process takes place closer to room temperature. The best metals for this type of process are carbon alloy steels. The most popular process is impression forging. This is when the raw metal is placed against a predetermined cast of the desired product. A hydrolytic hammer is than dropped on the metal, forcing it to take the shape of the cast. Although this process is better overall in terms of cost production and final products, it has its own disadvantages. The metal surface must be cleaned before attempting to cold forge and one needs heavier, specialized machinery to accomplish it.

Handle Material Information: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon

Nylon is a generic name for a family of synthetic polymers known as polyamides, Nylon is one of the most commonly used polymers.

Nylon can be used as the matrix material in composite materials, with reinforcing fibers like glass or carbon fiber. A composite like this has a higher density than pure nylon. The good heat resistance of such materials makes them feasible competitors to metals.

Nylon has the ability to be very lustrous, semilustrous or dull. It has high durability, excellent abrasion resistance, is resistant to insects, fungi, and animals, as well as molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals, will melt instead of burning and has good strength.

Rockwell Hardness: HRC 55

The Gerber 31-000914 Camp Axe II High Performance Axe has a Rockwell Hardness of HRC 55

Stanley P. Rockwell inevnted the Rockwell Hardness Test in 1919 while working as a metallurgist in ball bearing plant. Rockwell wanted to measure the uniformity and hardness of inner and outer rings on which the ball bearings rolled. He designed a device that could measure hardness accurately and quickly.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standardized a set of scales for testing Rockwell hardness values. Each scale has been designated a letter and corresponds to a different group of materials. Scale C is used for steel, titanium, deep case hardened steel, hard cast irons and other materials harder than scale B 100.

Knife blades and other steel hardened tools are made from metals that match to the Rockwell C scale. Most blade makers display the hardness number as "HRC xx" or "HRC xx - xx" providing a range, where "xx" indicates a Rockwell hardness number. Not many blades measure over HRC 70. Most functional blades rate somewhere between HRC 56 and HRC 63.

Generally, blades with a lower HRC number don't hold and edge for long under demanding use, but they are easier to sharpen. Blades with a higher HRC value stay sharp for longer, but are more difficult to sharpen. As an example, stainless steel has a HRC higher than carbon steel, but it is also more difficult to sharpen than carbon steel.

Company Information: Gerber

Gerber Legendary Blades, Inc. has been in business since 1939. The Oregon based company specializes in making durable and affordable knives along with an extensive collection of multitools for the average consumer. Gerber is the first knife production company to employee a custom made knife artisan to design some of their most popular and enduring products. Over the years, they have become one of the leading companies offering multitool products to the average consumer.

Gerber knives come in varying models and designs, and anyone can find the tool they need for every occasion. The company takes customer satisfaction seriously, receiving feedback from soldiers, marines, and airmen when redesigning popular items. The boot knife, called Gerber Guardian, was created over two decades ago, and is still one of the most popular designs that they sell. They have knives made specifically for outdoors survival, designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions you could possibly place it through, and a line of fighting knives that are internationally recognized as the best among tactical, hand to hand, weaponry. Their designs include ergonomic handles made from thermoplastic and single blade, lock back knives.

Of course, the cornerstone of the Gerber company is their line of multitools. These tools are revered as the best ever produced, and have been designed to take the daily abuse of a hard working man. The multitools are made with the newest technology and finest materials available. They are lightweight, so that it is not a burden to carry them on your person for extended periods of time. They are nearly indestructible, chopping, cutting, and doing exactly what you need them to accomplish each time you unfold one of them open. The industrial line multitools were made with the average consumer in mind, highly functional and made to last a lifetime.

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